For adults with nystagmus

What seems to be the trouble?

the front cover of the book What seems to be the trouble? by Claire Entwistle

by Claire Entwistle

What happens when your health problem just doesn't tick the boxes? One woman's quest for a treatment - any treatment - that would help.

Some people have every reason to be grateful to conventional medicine; it has saved their life, or at least made their life bearable. Others, with hard-to-treat conditions that are not easy to classify (perhaps not even easy to spell) have a more complicated relationship with the tests and treatments offered by their doctors and may resort to alternatives which pose problems of their own.

Paperback book, 141 pages.

Not large print. E-book available from Amazon Smile.

"Really interesting and a very good read. Claire knows how to write and her story is fascinating." Vivien Jones, Honorary President, Nystagmus Network